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Most Common Questions When Searching For A Daycare

If you typed "Daycare" or another variation of this in your search engine, odds are, pages and pages of daycare centers, in-home childcare, and preschools popped up in the results. A few questions have probably came to mind shortly after like..

Why are there so many options? This might be a silly question, but what even is the difference between daycare and childcare? Can I really trust a stranger to take care of my little one?

Well, with the right amount of research and asking all the right questions, there's no doubt you'll find the perfect place for you and your little one! As a parent myself and an operator of an in home daycare, I've compiled a few common questions our parents come with when they're hunting for the perfect daycare.

1. What are the differences between a daycare center and an in-home childcare?

There a few difference between a daycare (or childcare - these words are used interchangeably) center and an in-home childcare.

- When children are in an in-home daycare, they are in a homey environment which allows for a smoother transition to pre-school/kindergarten.

- A daycare center is usually more structured. With scheduled play time, lunch time, reading time, etc., your children are more likely to have the same set schedule every day or week

2. Do daycares need to be registered/licensed with the state?

Legally, yes. But unfortunately, underground daycares are a thing and by going to one of these daycares, you are running the risk of an unsafe environment for your child. To be safe, ask for a state license before enrolling your child.

3. What do daycares provide?

The answer to this varies from daycare to daycare. Many daycares provide breakfast and lunch, and some don't. Here at Tiny Smiles, we provide a healthy balanced breakfast and lunch with healthy snack choices in between. Families are more than welcomed to bring their own snacks and food for your child if you so choose!

4. What do I need to bring to daycare?

The bare essential items that you should bring to daycare are diapers/pull-ups (if your child is not potty trained), wipes, a bottle or sippy cup, breast milk or formula, disposable bibs, and an extra set of clothes (yanno, because our kids like to surprise us sometimes..). Like we said before, you can bring a favorite snack or two for your kiddo to chomp on in-between meals!

Alright! I hope I was able to give you some of the answers you were looking for while you're on the hunt -- feel free to leave us any other questions you might have and we'll answer them and add them here! Thanks for hanging out and we hope your tiny smiles last forever!

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